Animal Movie exclusive reveal,The behind-the-scenes insight has left Ranbir Kapoor in awe!

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After watching the trailer for the animal film, it can be estimated that it is going to be the biggest film of the year. Art director Suresh has shared many interesting stories related to the film’s set design. The most awaited film of the year, ‘Animal,’ is gearing up for release. Every aspect of the film is being discussed, from the loaded machine gun to the background actors wearing masks. Suresh is responsible for the entire set and prop designing of the film and shares many details with us.

We were all under intense pressure when joining the Animal project. Suresh says, ‘When we were starting the film’s shooting, the entire cast and crew were aware that this film is going to be the most violent film so far. We were all familiar with Sandeep Vanga Reddy’s interview. Slowly, the hype around the film started to build. After the trailer’s release, the audience’s expectations have increased significantly. Only after the film’s release will we understand how perfectly we have done our job.

Animal movie Gandasa and Mask idea

the whole idea is director Sandeep’s. Suresh continues, ‘I have worked with Sandeep, and I understand what kind of director he is. Whatever demands he had, they were not futile. He was particular about everything, from the story to the characters and props. I was so enthusiastic working with him that I didn’t want to disappoint him in any way. The credit for all the props, scale mask, and gun war machine goes to the director.

So, the scale mask and uniform were used. Suresh explains, ‘I would like to give you an example. You will see that throughout the film, whether it’s an action or dance sequence, people standing in the background are wearing masks. The reason behind it is that they do not want the audience to be distracted by different faces and body shapes. Distraction occurs when people see various faces and body shapes, but masks have been used to prevent this. The idea of using masks came from here. The use of the uniform also serves the same purpose.

Gandasa and Mask

Now, the audience will see the longest fight sequence ever. We have made about 800 masks for this film, all made of fiberglass. Special coating has been applied to this mask. There is a sequence in the film with an approximately 20-minute long fight scene. I don’t think there has been such a long action sequence in any war film so far. There are many variations in this film. We thought that the axe (Gandasa) would be the best tool for any war. This idea was also Sandeep’s. We have made 100 original axes and 400 dummy axes. All of these were made from rubber, wood, thermocol, iron, and fiber.

Temple and Airoplane

all part of the set. It took about four months to create the entire set. Sets were created in three places. The set of the temple, which comes in the song, is made in Himachal by us. The airplane is also a set. Apart from this, sets were created in two places in the film city in Goregaon. It took two months to create the entire set. About 300 to 350 people together created the set.


War Mission Gun

The gun is named ‘War Mission Gun that we can see in trailer Ranbir Kapoor willbe fire.’ Sandeep says, ‘So far, in any film, claim is made that this type of gun has not been used. We have made it, but the name was not coming to mind. For now, the name of this big gun is ‘War Mission Gun.’ Its introduction was very interesting. We first sketched it with a pencil and designed its concept. It was ready in four months. Special 100 workers were hired to make it. It is made of iron and steel, and its total weight is 500 kilos.

War Mission Gun

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