The Concubine (2012) BluRay [Korean Audio With English Subtitles] Full Movie 1080p

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The Concubine (2012) BluRay [Korean Audio With English Subtitles] Full Movie 1080p

Get The Concubine (2012) in BluRay quality with Korean audio and English subtitles. 1080p formats in MKV. This captivating Korean film delves into drama, history, and romance genres, offering an immersive experience with its Korean audio and English subtitles.”

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The concubine movie details

IMDb Rating: 6.1/10
Language: Korean
Subtitles: Available (English)
Sizes Available: 2.3GB

Quality: 1080p – BluRay


Jo Yeo-jeong as Shin Hwa-yeon
Kim Dong-wook as Grand Prince Sung-won
Kim Min-joon as Kwon-Yoo / Choong-Young
Park Ji-young as the Queen Mother (Daebi), Sung-won's mother
Jo Eun-ji as Geum-ok, Hwa-yeon's maid
Lee Geung-young as Chief eunuch Kim Gye-joo
Park Chul-min as Pil-woon, a Pharmacy eunuch
Ahn Suk-hwan as Officer Shin Ik-chul, Hwa-yeon's father
Jo Gi-wang as Vice-Premier Yoon Jong-ho
Oh Ji-hye as Court Lady Park
Hong Kyung-yun as Court Lady Kim
Park Chung-seon as Seung Jeon-saek
Park Min-jung as the Queen Consort
Kim Jwa-hyung as Geum-Goon
Im Jong-yoon as the Left-State Councillor
Lee Suk-gu as Go Won-ik
Kwon Byung-gil as a servant
Choi Woo-hyung as Sung-won's teacher
Kim Soo-hyun as a palace maid
Kim Woo-joo as Sang-Won
Sa Gong-jin as Moo-Bong

Special appearance

Oh Hyun-kyung as Yoon Gi-hun
Jung Chan as the former King
Hong Yeo-jin as a Court Lady in Suragan
Lee Yong-nyeo as an old woman
Lee Yong-jik as an old woman

The Concubine tells the story of a tragic love triangle involving Hwa-Yeon, the daughter of a nobleman, her beloved Kwon-Yoo, a servant, and Prince Sungwon, who is destined to become king

The Concubine movie Review

 So, I just watched “The Concubine,” and I gotta say, it was pretty intense! The story takes place in Korea way back when, and it’s all about love, betrayal, and power struggles in the royal court. The main characters, Ok-nyeo, Hwa-yeon, and King Gwanghae, are caught in this crazy triangle of love and desire.

The cinematography was amazing, especially the scenes in the palace gardens and the lavish costumes they wore. But, fair warning, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. There are some pretty dark and heavy moments, so it might not be for everyone.

The acting was top-notch, though! You could really feel the emotions of the characters, especially Ok-nyeo and Hwa-yeon as they navigate through all the drama.

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